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The education forms the basic ingredient of any dish in the menu of anyone’s life!

The Delhi city has a mixed combination of private colleges, government colleges, deemed universities, open universities, etc… there are numerous colleges in Delhi, offering general degree courses, engineering courses, medical degrees, law courses, management courses, etc… the list would be quite big, if you try to list out all the colleges and universities in Delhi. Whenever, we are talking about the colleges in Delhi, the following colleges are really significant:


The All India Institute of Medical Sciences had been established due to national importance by the national act of the parliament in the year 1956. It is considered as one of the best medical colleges in India, which has never failed till date in providing best treatments to its patients. It has wowed the people, via its research publications, accounting to more than 600 publications. Thus, it is delivering unique medical services, by providing the best undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in medical sciences. In general the medical students would find it very difficult in getting through the entrance exam to enter the AIIMS. People from the foreign countries are also visiting AIIMS for getting their operation done, because it is a repository, which is known for its world class infrastructure facilities in medical sciences and deep research features in the medical field. Only 50 seats would be open to get filled every year for the graduate medical courses, hence getting selected in the entrance exams and entering AIIMS is a dream come true feeling for the medical students. It is offering the post graduate medical courses in more than 45 areas of specializations.


It is one of the largest open universities in India known for its quality of education and its objective of providing education to the last citizen of the country. It has really opened the eyes of many people and portrayed itself as a powerful tool in analyzing and evaluating the educational qualifications of millions of people in the country. This has given confidence to infinite number of people in the country, especially to the people under the category of ‘poor family’, ‘daily wages’ etc… it has motivated them by making the education possible to them. In India, if you look at the statistics, then you will start praising the IGNOU for its functionalities, because, more than 10% of the people who are doing higher education in India are enrolled with the IGNOU. It takes great effort in shaping a good curriculum and the fact that the quality of education gained via the IGNOU is been appreciated and accepted by various organizations in the country is really praiseworthy. It currently serves 2 million students in India and 35 abroad countries with 59 regional centers, 2300 study centers, and 52 overseas centers.

University of Delhi

The University of Delhi is quite popular in the capital city. Most of the colleges in Delhi are affiliated to it, thus accomplishing a count of 77 colleges and 5 other institutions under its affiliation at the present scenario. With 86 academic departments and a specialized research department for enhancing the quality of education and for innovating further developments in the education system, it has grown up as one of the largest universities in the entire country.

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